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Did you know that  there is a stepping up of the acceptance and legalization of marijuana internationally in countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, South America and Europe.

Cannabis use has become excepted under the lable of "Medical Marijuana" see Wiki Definition.


Marijuana and Canada

Canada has recently introduced the MMPR which allows for Licenced Commercial Producers to supply marijuana to patients who have a doctors perscription. These LPs such as Mettrum have been given a license to cultivate and supply medical cannabis after going through a stringent application process from Health Canada. Health Canada has a list of LPs on its website that medical patients can order marihuana from.


Marijuana and the US


America has legalized on a state level the use of marijuana, this has taken place in several states including Colorado and Seattle. In Colorado new businesses such as Boulder Medical Marijuana Dispensory have been legally selling marijuana to the public.

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